Intolerable Acts
King George III, the 13 colonies
the Intolerable acts  were suppose to be a punishment to the colonist because of the Boston Tea party act were people dressed up and dumped all the tea into the sea which made britain lost a lot of money.  The whole thing cause it because Britain was taxing the people for tea, all the colonies ended up getting punished but the colonist just kept protesting about the acts.
Britian, New york, New hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,  Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island
The colonists boycotted the laws that the British set up they even harrassed british soldiers.
the british put the intolerable act into place because of all the tea that bostonians wasted because of taxation.  So the king issued an act that would punish the colonies for destroying all the tea.

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