The results of the war
By: Tyler
The Treaty of Paris- The United states signed a peace treaty with England in paris on November 30, 1782. America secure their independence and the land west to the mississippi. Congress was supposed to recommend that the states compensate the loyalists for property them during war. then no laws were passed to prevent the payment of debts owed by americans to the British. France accepted the treaty on september 3, 1783.
The last battle of Yorktown- The Siege of Yorktown lasted from september 28 to october 19, 1781 it ended the fighting in the american revolution. The whole thing was a land and sea campaign in which American  and French troops together entrapped a major army from the british on a peninsula at yorktown virginia. Washington led an army of 2500 and grasses naval force could not defeat washington's troops and that ended the war.
Cost-The total cost of the war was €80 million they had a national debt of €250 million they had to pay €9.5 million dollars a year in interest.
Land-The anericans got the land west of the mississippi. American fisherman could only fish off the coast Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland and other traditional fisheries in Canadian waters; and Great Britain’s ceding to the United States all territory between the Allegheny Mountains on the east and the Mississippi River on the west, which doubled the size of the new nation. For its part  the United States agreed to use its powers to end the persecution of Loyalists by state and local governments and to restore their property confiscated during the war. Both countries agreed not to block creditors from seeking to recover debts owed to them.
Injured-8,500 to 25,000 people injured
Died- 91000 people total died

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