Results of Revolutionary
By : Makayla
Treaty of Paris
The Treaty of Paris was in Paris November 30, 1782. Spain and Britain were ready to go against the Colonies at any moment. Signed on September 3, 1783 by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay. The terms of the treaty said that Britain had to recognize the Colonies as the United States of America. The United States of America also agreed to not persecute any loyalists still in America.
Battle of Yorktown
The last battle of the American Revolution was at Yorktown. Most of the final battles were in the south. In 1781 Cornwallis was trapped by the Americans and French. On the 17th of October 1781 Cornwallis surrendered and the war was over. In Paris, Britain signed a treaty called the Treaty of Paris, and it said that the Americas were a free colony.
 Cost: USA - $114 million; Great Britain - a loss of 250 euros (277.47 us dollars)
 Injured: Total servicemembers 217,000.
 Died: Estimated 6,800 Americans. Estimated 24,000 Britain people.

What Happened to Land
The United States gets land from Allegheny Mountains on the east to the Mississippi River on the west.

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