Stamp Act
By: Liz
Colonists, British, France, British Legislature, and merchnats.
What\ How\ Why
The stamp acts helped the American Revolution start. It angered the colonists and led to the colonists protesting against the British. In 1754 the British and France went to war for North America and it costed the British a lot of money.The British were in debt from the seven years war which is why they started to tax the colonists. The Seven Years War was to claim North America. The British were desperate for money so they started taxing the American Colonists and one of the taxes was the Stamp Act. The act stated that in order to use newspaper and legal statements it had to have a stamp on it and that stamp costed money that went to the British. The colonists refused to buy the stamps and used violent against the British. The colonists didn’t think that it was right for the British to tax them. The colonists had their own legislature and so they wanted to follow theirs and not the British’s legislature. People from nine colonies had a meeting to discuss compliants against the British government. Then they brought the compliants to the government to stop the acts. Merchants decided not to get goods from the British anymore. In Boston Samuel Adams started an organization to help stop the Stamp Act and it was called the Sons of Liberty. The British started to lose money and then they created new taxes and they led to violence and war.

In the years of 1754 through 1766
In the American colonies, North American and Britian.

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