Results of the War
Treaty of Paris

After the war was over the Americans signed a treaty with England called the Treaty of Paris. With the treaty America gained independence and land west of the Mississippi River. The boundaries to the North was the Great Lake. They could both use the Mississippi River. Then France signed the treaty and England was no longer their foe. Many of the Loyalists moved to the 13 states in Canada.

Last Battle of Yorktown
The Battle of Yorktown was the last battleground used in the war. The French were surrounding the British by sea and the Americans by land. They closed in at one time and took them out. The Battle was the last battle. The British gave up and America gained its independence.

Costs about 151 Million dollars

8500 were injured

24000 British soldiers died, 25000 american soldiers died, 8000 died of wounds, 17000 died of disease,

The Americans got everything west of the Mississippi River and to the north the Great lakes were the boundaries.

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