Intolerable Acts
by: Hannah

General Thomas Gage

the Intolerable Acts pushed the colonists toward war with Great Britain.
1st Intolerable Acts - March 31, 1774: Boston Port Act
2nd Intolerable Acts - May 20, 1774: Massachusetts Government Act
3rd Intolerable Acts - May 20, 1774: Administration Justice Act
4th Intolerable Acts - June 2, 1774: Quartering Act of 1774
5th Intolerable Acts - June 22, 1774: Quebec Act 1774

September 1774
 Boston, Massachusetts

It was intended for the punishment of the people in Massachusetts for throwing out all the tea into the boston harbor and also for the people who were against the british rules.

The port closed and would only reopen when the people in Boston paid for the tea and showed respect for the British authorities.

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