Stamp Act
By: Lauren

Troops were recovering from the  French and Indian War while their debt was being doubled also at the time British were increasing British possessions in America so the British decided to station troops in the colonies to prevent another war against the Indians. Some people though that we should help the troops and pay partial support so the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. This made it so that stamps were to be provided with important documents, almanacs, pamphlets and many more.  This many many people angry that they wanted this to stop right away but if this were to stop it would hurt printers, lawyers, small shopkeepers, and laborers. tax interfered with business and soon after the stamp act was repealed

 March 22 1765- March 1766
British government , colonists, Ben Franklin, Sons of Liberty
Poorer classes where so far in debt that they were in need of jobs so badly they started riots and disturbances were becoming now very common. This resistance brought repeal to the law.

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