Boston Tea Party
By: Lauren
The Sons of Liberty were dressed up as mohawk indians
The East India Tea company sent tea over to the British because they wanted to help them get out of bankruptcy. So they told them that they could send tea over in the 3 ships ( Dartmouth, Beaver and Eleanor) and have a big tax on them to get them out of bankruptcy, but the colonist wanted to send the tea back because they didn't want the tea nor the taxes but they couldn’t because the British government wouldn't allow it and that was the only tea they were able to drink.
 December 16th 1773
Great Britain
The East India Company wasn't meeting up to the standards and  the British government wanted to help the company
Britain made laws about the tea and decided to get the East India company out of bankruptcy and which made the colonists mad and /indians boarded the East India ships late at night and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor

"Taxation without representation is tyranny," British colonists

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