Revolutionary War
 By: Madyson Bugge, Cate Tucker and Libbie Malecek

Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts
Townshend Act

Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Independance
Results of the War
Would your group have gone to war to declare independance from Britain?

Yes, because Britain didn't have freedom of religion and because we wanted independance from the king.
What were the major points that made your decision?

The stamp act and the intolerable acts were very madening and pushed our patientice to the limit. We wanted the war of independance to gain freedom and responsiblilty.
Did all group memebers agree with the decision?

Yes we did. We all wanted freedom of religion and freedom of speech. We wanted our own goverment run by people like us, people who wanted freedom from Britain.
What are the alternatives of war?

Peace treaties would be our back up plan if we wouldn't have to go to war. We could and would if needed to send some representatives from our goverment and talk to the British Parliment.

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