Boston Tea Party

When - December 1773
Why: The british was giving the American colonist a hard time by treating them unfairly. the tea was from the british, the tea could only be carried by East India Company ships. So to transport the tea they needed money so they raised the American’s taxes so then the American’s got upset. The royal Governor refused to let the ships leave. So the Americans got on the british ship dressed as mohawk indians and dumped the tea in the harbor for revenge.
What: The American Colonists aboard the british ship at midnight and were dressed as native americans and threw over 342 chests of tea in the harbor because they were angry at the british for raising their taxes.
Who was involved: New York City, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Charlestown, Thomas Hutchinson, Samuel Adams
How: 60 american colonist disguised as indians and went on the boat and dumped tea in the harbor for revenge to the british.
Where: Boston Harbor

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