Results of War

Treaty of Paris
 The Treaty of Paris ended the war. America decided to ignore Spain and France because they had betrayed them. Once the Treaty of Paris was signed it meant that America was free and independent. On September 3, 1783 American finally got France to sign the treaty. The Treaty of Paris was signed and down on November 30, 1783 in Paris. American was finally free and made a country with 13 states.
Last Battle of Yorktown
General Washington sent Lafayette and Anthony Wayne to Yorktown to fight General Cornwallis
that was south where General Cornwallis and his troops were by the Virginia coast. Lafayette and Wayne waited for orders for Clinton who was in New york. The Patriots wanted help from the French. The French were coming to help but the British ships captured the French ship before they could help. The Patriot troops surprised the British troops with the help for the French and trapped Cornwallis’ 8000 troop. The patriots won at the Battle of Yorktown and ended up capturing 8000 men.
The British spent 250 million pounds and American spent 114 million dollars.
308,800 people died in the war.
651,031 died in the war.

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