Boston Tea Party

A group of about 60 colonist that lived in Massachusetts dressed as Mohawk Indians
A Tea company called the East India Company.
Currently the American Colonies were still under Britain's control, and Britain was trying to pay off the Revolutionary War( That they lost against the colonies) debts by overtaxing the colonists. Parliament passed the Townshend Acts which was a decree that Britain would tax the Americas on all imported goods. This may not seem like a terrible thing, but how would you feel if all cell phone companies charged a 2.00$ fee every time you used wi-fi? You may now understand better why the colonists did what they did. The colonists decided to smuggle in tea in from Dutch traders. Simultaneously, the East India Company(located in Britain) had begun to grow bankrupt and had an excess amount of tea that they needed to sell. Then, Britain passed the Tea Act. The Tea Act designated the East India Company as the sole provider of tea to the Americas. Many Americans resisted the Act and boycotted the East India Company by  refusing to buy their tea, and ignoring the company all together.
After sunset on December 16, 1773 the cargo boats were arriving to deliver tea to the colonists. 60 colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians snuck off the harbor in a dinghy. They boarded the ship while the captain was conversing with the colonist about the effects of the Tea Act. 342 crates of Tea were dumped into the harbor.
The colonists did this as a protest to the Tea Act and the Townshend Acts, as well as to the harsh ruling of Britain. Sadly, Britain responded with even more oppressive laws.
Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts
December 16, 1773
December 16 1773 at twilight
The colonies were fed up with dealing with Britain's oppressive laws.
A group of about 60 colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians, set out from the shore in a small raft, and boarded the East India Company’s Ships in order to dump out all their tea into the Harbor.

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