The Intolerable Acts
by: Penelope

King George III, British Parliament, British government, Americans, and the British soldiers
What? and How?
The Intolerable Acts also known as the Coercive Acts. Some of the acts included… Boston Port Act which closed the Boston Port until the Americans paid for the tea they threw in the harbor, Massachusetts Government Act which diminished Massachusetts to a crown colony with British soldiers in charge, Administration of Justice Act allowed British officials who were charged with capital crimes could be charged in another colony or in England, Quartering Act forced Americans to allow British soldiers to stay at their homes, and the Quebec Act which got rid of the possible authority of the land between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.
The American colonies and Great Britain
Spring 1774
The British Government wanted to punish the American colonists for the protests the have been having. Also, King George III knew that he was losing control of the colonies. he did not want to lose the colonies.


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