Results of the Revolutionary War
by : Penelope

Treaty of Paris
Who? - John Adams, John Jay, Franklin Jefferson, and Henry Laurens
What? - England had been trying to negotiate a peace treaty with the Americans for some time now but important american leaders would not go back on their declaration of independence but after the victory at yorktown Lord North, prime minister of the united kingdom, stepped down from his position and the new leader was better suited for american purposes. so we sent John Adams, John Jay, Franklin Jefferson, and Henry Laurens to Paris, France to negotiate a peace treaty with england without even waiting for the okay from france who was a main beneficiary and the americans and french had a treaty called the French-American Treaty of Alliance which said that Americans and the French had to agree on the ending of the war. They ignored the alliance because they were fearing the betrayal of Spain and France so before they could be betrayed they negotiated an initial peace treaty between america and england and their allies.
Where? - Paris, France
When? - November 30, 1782
How? - John Adams, John Jay, Franklin Jefferson, and Henry Laurens traveled to Paris, France and negotiated the initial peace treaty.
Why? - The Americans were fearing betrayal.

Last Battle of Yorktown
Who? - General Cornwallis, Lafayette, later General George Washington and General Jean Rochambeau joined Lafayette surrounding General Cornwallis and his armies in yorktown.
What? - General Cornwallis and his troops decided to rest at Yorktown, Virginia. Before he could get away or get rescued they were surrounded by 16,000 american troops by land and sea. General Cornwallis knew his troops couldn’t take down the Americans so his only option was surrender. There was no real battle during the 20 days at Yorktown, but in the end they took almost 8,000 British prisoners and 200 guns.
Where? - Yorktown, Virginia
When? - August 30 - October 19
How? - General Cornwallis knew that his 7,247 men could not defeat the 16,000 american men to escape. He was trapped at all sides with no other option then surrender
Why? - The Americans wanted independence!

Land Agreements
What? - England wanted some land along the Mississippi for trading posts, but Americans negotiated with England and the Indians to get the land as their own. There was a few minor engagements which resulted in fires being shot but in the end the British were gone up to the Mississippi
Where? - Along the Mississippi.
When? - 1778-1779
How? - With force or peaceful arrangements america got all the land she had settlers in.
Why? - America wanted all the land she fought so hard for.

Died / Injured
British -
Died -
Of the British troops 1,200 died on the battlefield, 18,000 died because of disease, and 7,700 Hessian soldiers died. 26,900 total British troops died.
American -
Died -
130,000 American troops died because the got smallpox, 8,000 American troops died on the battlefield, 17,000 troops died because of diseases other than smallpox, so there is the total American deaths is 155,000.
Injured -

6,100 American soldiers were injured in the Revolutionary War.

Britain spent 250 million euros.
America spent $114 million.

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