Townshend Act
By: Julia

   The British were taxing the American Colonist.

   The Townshend Acts were enforced from June 15, 1767 to July 2, 1767 but they were repealed on March 5, 1770.

   This act was enforced in all of the colonies.

   The British created the Townshend Acts (Named after Charles Townshend by American Colonist) because the American Colonies and British Government were in debt because a lot of money was spent to help the British win the French and Indian War. They also created them to show the American Colonist that the British Government still had power over them even though the American Colonist had made the British Government annul the Stamp Act.


    The British established the Townshend Acts on June 15, 1767. This act had four different individual acts. One of the four was called the Suspending Act. This act said that all New York representatives couldn’t hold meetings and make decisions until all the British soldiers in every town were supplied food, housing, transportation, and medical care.
    Another part of the Townshend act was that all the products that were brought from Britain to be sold in America had a tax on them. The money was then used to help keep the land that Britain had won from the french safe.
    The American colonist didn’t like the Townshend Acts so they refused to buy goods that were taxed and later all of the Townshend acts were repealed except the tea tax.

    The colonist reacted to the Townshend Acts by refusing to buy products that Britain shipped to America so that Britain would not make any money to help their soldiers.
    Some woman made groups called the Daughters of Liberty. These woman advised the American colonist to use the resources they have and make everything with the things they grew and raised.
     The Townshend Acts revolts resulted in a famous quote being made which was “No taxation without representation.”
     All of the Townshend Acts were repealed on March 5, 1770 but the tea tax, which later resulted in the Boston Tea Party. All of the repeals that were happening also caused the British to deliver more soldiers to the American colonies.

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