Revolutionary War
By Hannah, Penelope, and Julia

Stamp Act
Intolerable Acts
Townshend Act
Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Independence
Results of the War

1. Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Explain.
All members of our group are wholeheartedly ready to go to war with Britain. Lead by our heart and courage we feel as though war with Britain is the only option. We feel this way because Britain has treated us terribly throughout their entire reign over the colonies. They have taxed us, took away our rights, made us house their soldiers, etc. and we know they will never back down. Our only option is war!
2. What were the major points that made your decision? (Explain - Use major points from individual websites)
The Boston Tea party showed that our other American colonists are with us in our decision. The Intolerable Acts showed how horribly the British have treated us and will continue to treat us. The Townshend Act put a tax on all imported goods having us pay hundreds of extra dollars for goods from other countries, and the Stamp Act put a tax on all important documents, playing card, etc. having us pay even more. None of this will change and we assume it will only get worse. The British refuse to talk it out and give us more freedom.
.3. Did all group members agree with the decision? Explain.
Like I said in the first answer, all members of our group are genuinely ready to go to war with Britain.

4. What are the alternatives to war? Explain. (why or why not did your group choose an alternative to war)
Proposing another act or documentation that considers both the colonists rights and Britain's desire to rule over the American colonies is an alternative to war. Our group did not choose this for what we would have done because the Britains have been terrorizing us for way too long.

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