Revolutionary War
By: Lauren, Christine, Megan

Townshend Acts

 Boston Tea Party



Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Yes because we don't want to be controlled by Britain. We want to fight for our freedom even if we would have to create our own government. 
What were the major points that made your decision? Britain kept taking away our rights like in the Stamp Act they put a tax on all printed material and in the Intolerable Acts they made it so British soldiers would be able to stay in our house among other things.
Did all group members agree with the decision? Yes because we're all in this together. The gain was more than the cost. We would gain our freedom even if many people would die and the weapons and supplies would cost a lot. We kept having our rights taken away so we needed our freedom.
What are the alternatives to war? We could've sent people to Britain to negotiate for our rights. We could've compromised on some of the things we wanted. Instead of getting rid of all the taxes, we could've had the taxes lowered.

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