Boston Tea Party
By: Will

British Parliment and American Colonist

British Parliment passed the Townshend acts raising taxes on imported good and outraging colonist. They also made the East India Company a tea company a monopoly only letting them selling to the colonist.

Night of December 6, 1773

Boston, Massachusetts

In order to rebel these acts Colonial merchants boycotted british imports and colonist rioted the streets. By 1770 it got so bad that the only tax left was on imported tea. At first boston merchants smuggled tea into the colonies, but after the parliament passed the tea act in 1773 this act gave East India Company exclusive rights to export tea to the colonies because they were having financial problems and they had to raise the price on tea. At first people didn't buy the tea but that wasn't enough so on the night of Dec. 16 1773 nearly 60 colonist disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded tea carrying ships and tossed 342 chest of tea into boston harbor to protest . Only 1 man was injured during the protest he was knocked unconsicence but awoke later in the night.

The colonist were outraged about the Townshend acts and how the British Parliment were treating the colonist and the colonist wanted to bring attention about what the Parliment was doing and they did with the Boston Tea Party.

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