Results of the War
By: Bryce
The Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris was signed on November 30, 1782. The Americans now secured their independence because of this. Congress told the states to give back the land of the Loyalist’s back to them. Americans still had to pay back British merchant their debts. This made peace between the americans and the British, and the British and other European countries.

The Last Battle of Yorktown
The Last Battle of Yorktown was from September 28 to October 19, 1781. This battle ended the fighting of the American Revolution. The Americans invaded Yorktown from the Sea. It surrounded the British until they surrendered. General Cornwallis was the leader of the British. He was moving north from North Carolina. Lafayette and Washington were the leader of the Americans. Washington’s troops easily outnumbered the British by 14,000-8,000. They were running low on food, so they had to surrender. The Americans took 8,000 prisoners and over 200 guns.
For the US, it cost them 114 million dollars. For the British, it cost them 250 million euros.
Around a total of about 6,100 soldiers were wounded in the American Revolution.

There were about 25,000 american soldiers that died. There were about 20,000 British soldiers that died.

The land westward was previously used up by the Native Americans. The Americans then moved west into these areas. This caused major conflict.  The Native Americans then became allies with the British. The British gave all the land between the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River, however they could not go further south than Florida. They also could not go into Canada’s territory.

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