Intolerable Acts
By: Elizabeth Finley


Harsh laws passed by the British Parliament
The Boston Port Act was to close the port of Boston until all of the tea had been paid for, The Massachusetts Government Act suspend self-government to revoke the colony’s character, The Impartial Administration of Justice Act allowed the government to send colonists for trial in other colonies or in Great Britain, The Quartering Act to extend the provisions of the Quartering Act 

They were meant to punish the American colonists for the Boston Tea Party and other protests in hope that the new laws would bring the colonies under control

The Boston Port Act closed the port of Boston so people had to starve their horses, The Massachusetts Government Act put an end to the constitution of Massachusetts, The Impartial Administration of Justice Act gave the power for all trials in the colony to be heard by a British judge, The Quartering Act made the colonists to take care of the soldiers assigned to punish them

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