The Results of the Revolutionary War
By: Adam

Battle of Yorktown Treaty of Paris Battle of Yorktown

The Treaty of Paris Battle of Yorktown
The Treaty of Paris
General Lafayette and General Cornwallis Britain, USA, and France signed it. George Washington, Clinton, Cornwallis, Francois de Grasse, Comte de Rochambeau
John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams (Represent the USA), British Representatives Cornwallis, de Grasse D. Hartley, John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin (american), British representatives

what:  They fought constantly.  They signed the Treaty of Paris. At first, Washington planned to attack Clinton’s army in New York City. Washington soon received reports of Cornwallis’ troops are camping at Yorktown, Virginia. He then decided to change his plans and attack Cornwallis at Yorktown. He also received reports ofAdmiral Francois de Grasse was heading to Chesapeake Bay in Virginia instead of New York. He and his army head
ed south without the British even knowing. Before that, however more French help, led by Comte de Rochambeau,
was cut off by the British at Newport,  Rhode Island. Rochambeau made it to land, learned Washington’s plan and also marched to Yorktown. 14,000 Americans and French attacked 8,000 British troops at Yorktown. de Grasse cut Cornwallis off by sea and Washington cut Cornwallis off by land. Cornwallis was trapped. The Patriots soon won the Battle of Yorktown.
They signed the preliminary treaty. The final Treaty of Paris was signed later that year.

They warred. They signed the Treaty of Paris of 1783
where:  They fought in Yorktown, Virignia They signed it in Paris, France Yorktown, Virginia Both treaties were signed in Paris, France Chesapeake Bay, Virginia It was signed in Paris, France
when:  From August 30, 1781 -October 19, 1781 It was signed on November 30,1782
made official on September 3, 1783
when: October 9-October 19 The preliminary treaty was signed in April 1783. The final Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783 October 1781 1783
why:  Cornwallis struck on his way at Lafayette and marched to Yorktown and put defenses up, leading to Cornwallis’ demise at Yorktown  The USA feared that Spain and France were going to betray the USA. Washington wanted the British to surrender to win the war. They signed it because the British surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown because the war was getting too costly. They didn’t want the Americans to advance on the British into their homeland.
Cornwallis was trapped by American and French troops all around.

They hoped to receive a peace treaty.

They cheered because the war was over, but also mourned because some had lost family and friends. The colonists played “Yankee Doodle.” The colonists were finally satisfied. It was a triumph for the colonists. They triumphed because of the final win The colonists honored the treaty and did what it told them: to honor debts to loyalists before the war

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